Mohindra Fastener Limited Mohindra Fastners Limited

MFL has its own set up for Spherodised Annealing and Wire-Drawing to be able to provide desired mechanical properties for forging and machining. After cleaning of wires with cleansing agents, the material is transferred for extracting in varied dimensions. Thereafter Annealing of the wire rod helps to recrystallize the grain structure of steel by allowing new bonds to be formed at the high temperature. Annealing is used to induce ductility, relieve internal stresses, refine the structure, and improve cold working and machinability properties


Using the state of art machinary for Cold forging processes, MFL can manufacture a wide range of Industrial Fasteners like Bolts, Studs, Screws, Nuts, Special fasteners etc. Additionally with the help of inhouse Hot forging MFL caters to the bigger and odd size requirements of the customers. Thread rolling process produces fasteners with increased strength than machined threads due to the cold working, as well as better material yield.


Apart from other conventional operations like drilling, grinding and tooling, the company has latest CNC machines for producing precision components with uncompromising quality. Continuous Heat treatment lines ensure consistent quality in different material and property grades. The system ensures the required tempered Martensitic structure with right hardness traverse & devoid of any temper brittleness. With PLC controlled Surface treatment facility, MFL delivers quality aesthetics and corrosion resistant Zinc and Zinc Alloy finish conforming to EHV / ROHS norms.


Final quality checks for packing are conducted to ensure that no defect is carried out with the final products. Customised packaging options are offered and with a dedicated logistics department, timely deliveries are ensured to all the customers.